The proximity card can take your wallet or purse. These cards are identification cards, keycards, payment cards and charge card in applications such as public transport is widely used. Proximity systems reader can read without contact. This type of thermal printing today (with plastic kart printer), can be produced with digital printing and offset printing technique. Mifare systems this system is basically a simple security mechanisms are separated by only a memory storage device. Mifare cards are limited by the capacity of computing power into the lungs. One of them is mifare 1K card value means the value of 1024 bytes of data storage.

Mifare cards can be programmed for such things as writing and reading data. That cards have different values, as an example of a 4K 4096 bytes of data storage space mifare card offers. Reliability and low cost of these cards due to the common electronic purse, access control, identity cards, can be used for transportation or stadium tickets. Such samples are not used on their own, programmed with suitable software? Naza then introduced to the system used. Depending on the software installed on your system, use this kart for different purposes. Mifare cards reading from the card and the card with the card reader is created between the powers of the antenna area may vary depending on the power. Mifare cards today are thermal printing (with plastic card printer), can be produced with digital printing and offset printing technique a proximity card mifare card.


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